Mark Pace Inspirational Speaker

“What you didn’t know about longevity— shouldn’t limit you or your planning business!”

Mark Pace

Longevity arbitrage expert & sought-after mainstage, workshop and private group presenter

Uplevel your Planning business (& Life)

Mark delivers mind-blowing new data about lifespan and how financial planners can change their business (and personal lives) to:

  • Differentiate themselves in a big way from other planners
  • Create a proven client referral and retention magnet
  • Personally live better longer and make more money than thought possible!

“Hearing you speak ONCE changed how I run my business!” 
Mark Clure, CFP®

Who is Mark Pace?

  • Industry-leading longevity arbitrage expert, helping wealthy clients outsmart insurance companies for over 30 years
  • Sought-after mainstage, workshop, and study-group presenter for 25 years (live and virtual)
  • Co-founder of the Vital Longevity Institute and creator of the Complete Wealth Planning System

Mark delivers never before heard, business- and life-changing messages successful financial planners, wealth managers, family offices, and their clients need to hear!


Mark delivers powerful keynote, breakout, and private group presentations (live and virtual) including:

  • The Vital Longevity Breakthrough: Why wealthy Americans are living 15 to 20 years longer than they and their advisors think possible and what to do about it.
  • The Complete Wealth Planning System:
    A customizable talk to fit your audience and venue/format, it can include:
  • How to easily turn clients into your best salespeople, bringing prospects you love
  • Compelling content that deeply engages clients/prospects and creates raving fans
  • How to become an Ideal Client magnet
  • How to maximize client retention and revenue at the same time
  • A new way of looking at wealth that can differentiate you from your competition

Other presentations can be custom created for your specific audience and needs

Little-known (and certainly little-understood) actuarial data proves most people who need financial planning
will live
15+ years longer than they expect. 

This longevity miscalculation is causing catastrophic mismanagement of our health, wealth, careers, relationships, and money!

WARNING: Most financial plans are flawed,
miscalculate longevity and will fail! What about yours?

Mark has spoken at...

  • Financial Planning Association (FPA):
    • National Annual Meeting – 400 people
    • Numerous local association meetings
  • Society of Financial
  • Services Professionals (formerly CLU)
  • Estate Planning Association
  • Meetings from Florida to Alaska
  • Todorovich Lecture, New York (w/Dick Ocean)
  • National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA)
  • Center for Tax Strategies and Resources
  • American Institute of CPAs
  • Attorneys for Family Held Enterprises
  • Wealth Counsel, LLC
  • Many private study groups

“I want you to make more money, have more time and fun with your business, all while doing it larger and longer than you ever thought possible!”
- Mark Pace

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